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Reading Rainbow Chapter 2- Thoughts
Although they were rushed out of the emergency room, the hospital staff had permitted the five ponies to wait outside of the doors for her, benches on each side of the hall so that they may wait comfortably for Twilight, though that was probably the least bit of comfort that could help the melancholic mares. The hallway was dim, one light was off while the others were all gleaming the halls, making the shadowy area just seem all the more darker. Faint red beams of light overcame the dark shadows, the red light being emitted from the neon sign that read "emergency: In session."

The girls took their seats in awaiting for the news. Fluttershy was twiddling her hooves around and around, hoping to pass the time as she stared at the ground in hopes of not catching sight of everypony's sorrowful expressions. Rarity sat next to Fluttershy, sitting patiently with a blank expression looking at the roof, almost as if she wanted to clear her thoughts of what had been happening. Pinkie's mane was flat as paper, her mouth looked almost like a squiggly line in holding in her cries, AppleJack at her side holding no better than her, in fact holding even worse.

Twilight was almost like Applejack's closest friend after all.

The farm pony's hat was tilted over her eyes, trying to prevent the other ponies from seeing her cry, as she almost never does, being the strongest of the group beside Rainbow Dash of course. However, as though ponies would seem to think of their strong tomboy friend holding better than everypony else, she was faring off the absolute worse.

She was the only pony that did not accept taking a seat. Her body was statuary, hooves planted on the cold tile floor and her head drooping like a dangled fruit on a weak branch. There were no longer any sounds, not even the sobs that had started right after her beat down on the surgery room doors for kicking them out. Her face bore nothing but pain and sadness, eyes bathed in tears that almost created a small puddle near her front hooves, her mouth slightly open to help her breathe due to her runny nose. It surprised the others, knowing how strong Rainbow had approached the previous times made them expect her to be sobbing outward and echoing the halls, but no. She was solemnly broken by the events that had just occurred oh so sudden and unpreventable.

The silence of the halls lasted almost unendingly, until the first words were uttered by the once jubilant and squeaky voice of Pinkie Pie. "She…she is going to be okay girls. We gotta keep high hopes for her, she is going to be fine!" A sudden boost of uplifting energy emanated from the party ponies mouth, causing all of the others to look up in amazement from spectating such cheering attitude from Pinkie Pie. " C'mon, being all mopey-wopey isn't gonna fix anything! I betcha that when those doors open, she is gonna be a-okay!" Her mane was fully inflated as she was saying this to cheer everypony up. "Trust me, if we keep on smiling, she is gonna get better, our high hopes for her are the best medicines we could possibly give her!" She was up in the middle of the hall at this point, everypony's eyes fixated on her, not sure of what else to say, until Applejack broke the ice.

"Girls, Pinkie's completely right. We gotta stay positive for Twi, she needs it!" let out the completely steadfast orange pony, standing near Pinkie who had an even larger smile upon her face.

"That's right, girls. We have been through many dangerous things and sorrowful times, but as long as we are there for those in need to lift them up," Rarity then sat up with a determined smile plastered on her face, "then nothing bad is going to happen."

"Wow…that's…" Fluttershy then looked up and wiped whatever tears she had left from her eyes, "super uplifting. We should promise to stay positive for Twilight from here on out."

"No more mopy-wopy-saddy-waddy-teary-weary attitudes." Pinkie had said that all in one single breath followed by her question to reassure her statement. "Agreed?"

Everypony was then in a circle, suddenly joined by one more pony that had yet to talk, but her expression alone established her determined agreement. "Agreed, Pinks. Thanks." Rainbow Dash smiled at everypony around her and they then all turned around startled by the sound of the door at the opposite end of the hallway, the receptionist door.

"Oh! You…you are all still here? You know, you girls can all leave now, I am sure your friend will be fine throughout the night. Why don't you all head home and get some well deserved rest?" The soothing voice of Nurse Redheart followed the ponies out of the hospital and into the dark streets of Ponyville, only the gleaming moonlight to aid their eyes as well as some scattered lanterns along the roads.

"Well girls," the sleepy farm pony let out a long and loud yawn, "ah think its time we all get some shut eye."

"Oh my, I hope Angel Bunny doesn't lock me out of the house again for being late…" This statement caused the girls to all look with questionable eyes at Fluttershy, who only after 5 solid seconds realized that everypony just heard her. "umm goodbye girls, I'll see you tomorrow then." The butter colored mare then started to walk off to her house, almost fading away instantly into the solid darkness.

The girls said their good-nights and all scattered off to their individual homes, spirits all stronger by Pinkie's cheering session in their time of sorrow. Before Rainbow Dash flew up to her house launching from the steps of Sugar Cube Corner, she turned around and gave Pinkie Pie and unexpected hug. "Thanks Pinkie, I really needed that," the tired Pegasus pony whispered in Pinkie's ear, making Pinkie return the hug and respond, "anytime, Dashie." With these words, they said their goodbyes.

The morning was even brighter than yesterday. Everypony in town was enjoying the beautiful cloudless sky, the market bustling and the playground filled with jubilant little fillies. Fluttershy was feeding her animals, Applejack was apple bucking at Sweet Apple Acres with Applebloom happily helping at her side, Rarity was out in the bizarre getting materials for her dress orders, Pinkie Pie was playing with the baby Cakes, and Rainbow Dash was reading the latest Daring Do novel: Daring Do and the Feather of the Fire Phoenix.

Try saying that title ten times fast.

Rainbow Dash was having a hard time reading today, nothing but the health of her friend Twilight was running through her head, distracting her from her trip to imagination land.

"Sigh, I wish Twilight was here. She would always read Daring Do with me, always summarizing the plot detailed enough to tell me the whole book in ten seconds flat." The now solemn Pegasus looked down at the book cover, Daring Do riding on the back of a roaring phoenix with fire at the end of its tail feathers melding into the book title. Rainbow's heart just wasn't in the moment for being alone. She needed a friend beside her to cheer her up, but she didn't want to seem weak to everypony she knew. She then hatched up a quick idea of heading over to Sweet Apple Acres to "help" AJ buck the apples. She flew off her cloud right to the barn and was there in no time, spotting Applejack seemingly showing Applebloom the proper form of tree bucking. Rainbow swooped down and landed in front of the sister ponies, turning around to see the cyan figure who came so unexpectedly.

"Rainbow? Whatcha doin here? Can't ya see ah'm a might busy with li'l Applebloom here?"

Rainbow then realized she should have though this visit a bit through, but she was there already and just had to play along. "Well, I thought that maybe you could use some help, you know? The trees look pretty apple-packed this time around." Rainbow let out an awkward smile, hoping to hear Applejack accept her help, disregarding her past history.

"Hold on now, I see whats goin' on." Applejack had a hint of suspicion in her voice, causing Rainbow to slightly bite her bottom lip, but not to a point where it seemed noticeable. "Heya Applebloom, why dontcha take what I just taught you and start buckin' up some of the big trees, lemme see whatcha got." Applejack goaded her little sister on causing the little filly to strut up and shout, "You're on, sis!" With these words, the little filly ran off at a speed which even made Rainbow Dash marvel at, running over to the tree with the most apples and started bucking it with her little stubby legs, but pure determination plastered in her face.

"Whoah, Applejack, you know how to get kids distracted pretty quickly," Rainbow Dash said, slight astonishment in her voice.

"Well, that aside, what did ya wanna talk about, Rainbow? Ah know you didn't come here to help, ya would be nappin' at this time of day."

Rainbow let out a small smile and let the snarky comment slip by, allowing her to respond to the farm pony. "Well…I was..bored is all and I wanted, talk to somepony about my…" she inched her view over to Applejack, with the poker face of a master, "…thoughts."

"Awright, shoot." Is all the words Applejack can say.

Rainbow Dash was sweating at this point. She really had nothing to talk about besides talking about Twilight, but she feared that make her seem unaffected by last nights speech. She just didn't want to be alone is all, but now what can she even say? Her mouth was as dry as a bone, the only moisture was sweat coming down her face at that moment in time. Her running thoughts were then interrupted by Applejacks voice, causing Rainbow to snap out of it.

"Say no more, Dash. Ah know whats goin' on." She then motioned Rainbow Dash to take a seat next to her under the shade of the apple tree, tapping the floor with her hoof, causing Rainbow Dash to walk slowly, but steadily over next to her farm friend. She sat down and set her back against the tree bark, both ponies gazing forward to the vast fields of Sweet Apple Acres and occasionally catching sight of the determined little filly Applebloom going tree to tree trying to knock down some apples.

"Rainbow, it is okay to be afraid." When Rainbow heard these words, she immediately turned and looked Applejack straight in her green eyes, surprised by what she had just heard her say. "I know you hate to be alone, and its alright to admit it. You could always come by when you just need somepony beside ya, and ah'm sure the others are just as passive. You don't have to be shy 'bout that, Dash."

Applejack kept looking straight at Rainbow, who then turned her head and layed it against the tree, staring out to the fields once more, attempting to ingest what she had just heard. Although the farm pony's words may have seemed to take their affects on Rainbow, Applejack was only half right about Dash's fears, which she then caught on the instant Rainbow was about to speak.

"And ah am scared for Twilight too. She looked terrible, what with her looking like in so much pain, but ya gotta realize that she WILL BE OKAY. Is that whatcha came to talk to me about, Dash?" Applejack asked the question, although she had already known the answer.

Rainbow looked statuary like last night in front of the surgery room doors, her face solid and her eyes wide open and unable to blink and her mouth shut air tight. Rainbow then very slowly started to rock back and forth little by little, eyes getting shinier by the second, shining with water. Applejack was both happy that Rainbow may have been crying tears of joy for realizing what she said to comfort her, yet sad to see her strong friend in such a broken state. Applejack then realized just what was going on. Twilight was the only reason Rainbow Dash got better in her time of hospitalization, giving her the treasured value of reading books. Rainbow, it seems, might feel as if Twilight is feeling both the pain of being alone and the pain of being sick and it should be her obligation to be there for Twilight as well.

"Wait here, Dash." Applejack ran over to the barn, leaving Rainbow Dash there to calm down and allow tears to stream down better than when somepony's watching her. Suddenly, an unexpected voice rung in her ear.

"Rainbow Dash, why're you and Applejack so sad?" This question came from the little yellow filly Applebloom, standing right in front of Rainbow Dash with pitiful eyes. Rainbow quickly shook her head and rubbed her face, attempting to wipe off any signs of tears. Then Rainbow realized a fault in the question: Why was Applejack sad? Applejack seemed to be just fine today, how would her sister know that AJ was sad?

"Wha-whad'ya mean, kid? Applejack isn't sad."

"Yes she is, last night she came into the house and I heard her come in very late. Ah know Granny Smith doesn't like me getting' in anypony's business, but I looked into Applejacks room and saw her cryin' herself to sleep. Ah was so worried 'bout her but she said I was seeing things this mornin' at breakfast. So, why're you both so sad?"

Rainbow then had no choice but to try to tell Applebloom what was going on, explaining what events had occurred and causing Applebloom to show sympathy for the older ponies.Rainbow Dash even explained why she felt as if she herself was taking it the  worse and right before more tears started to come up to her eyes, Applebloom jumped with sudden joy and her face gleaming with happiness. "WAIT, AH GOT AN IDEA! WAIT HERE!" She dashed off in a trail of dust, causing Rainbow Dash to cough a little. Just as soon as she left, Applebloom came right back, with an apple in her mouth hanging right by the stem. Placing it in front of Rainbow Dash, Applebloom was hopping up and down similar to Pinkie Pie, causing Rainbow Dash to slightly tilt her head in question of what was going on.

"Ah wanted to save this for later as ma victory eat, but ah think you should have it, Rainbow Dash. This is the first and only apple I have ever bucked all on mah own! Its pretty special, but ah think you should have it, ya know, to lift yer spirit up a bit!" Applebloom was happily saying this to the amused cyan Pegasus, holding the red apple in her hooves and then looking straight at the jubilant little filly, eager to see her eat it. Rainbow didn't know what to say at all now, her heart filled with so many emotions of happiness, sorrow, confusion, love, and now especially: hope. With this realization, she quickly pulled Applebloom into an embrace and calmly told her "Thanks kid, this really means a whole lot to me." Breaking the hug, she placed the smiling filly down and kept talking, "With this gift, it gives me a sign of hope. No matter what happens and no matter how impossible," she took her eyes to the apple, "there is always hope that something good will happen."

The two ponies then heard footsteps quickly approaching them. Turning around, Rainbow noticed a strange looking doll in Applejacks mouth. The doll seemed familiar until the memory struck her, it was Twilight's smarty pants doll. Placing the doll on the floor, Applejack then told Rainbow what was the meaning of this.

"Ya'll should give this to Twilight to help keep her company. Big Mac said it's alright with him." Rainbow looked upon both the farm pony and the filly who had helped her recover so much in almost a measly ten minutes, she had never been so thankful to realize just how great her friends were. Pulling them both into a group hug, she took both the apple and the doll in her possession and thanked the farm ponies for all they have done. The excited Pegasus flew happily to the direction of the hospital: to Twilight.
I am...surprisingly happy with this one :3


MLP:FIM (c) Lauren Faust and Hasbro
shayleewolf Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh I love this chapter so much! You've left me fangirling ^u^
Duuuudeeeee, I can't wait until the next friggin' chapter, I'm so damned excited! Gawh, this is too awesome. Applebloom is such a cutie. I want to smother her in hugs :heart:
StoryPony Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am so happy you liked this chapter, it was pretty fun to do, cracked it out in almost one night~ Yes indeed Applebloom is quite adorable :la: The next chapter Ima start writing after Wednesday :la:
shayleewolf Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
woo hoo I can't wait! :)
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